Office Intern Opportunity

We have a great opportunity opening up here at Real Hope For Haiti for an office intern. To introduce myself, my name is Katrina Reimer and I have been working here as the office intern since the end of July. I had been planning to continue my position here until the summer of 2017, however after arriving, I received news that I had been accepted into nursing school for this coming January. So this opens up the position to you or maybe to others you know!

To put my exact job description into words is quite difficult as it ranges every day. You are always having to be flexible and open to the tasks put in front of you. As the office intern, you work alongside the missionaries here in the office and assist them with whatever they need help with at that time. There are also some jobs that are constant and you continue to follow through with them every week or month. Some examples would be updating spreadsheets, helping with sponsorship reports, completing payroll documents, writing blog posts, and making copies.

When it comes to financials, we only ask that you pay for your flights to and from Haiti. We cover room and board, a phone allowance and you will receive a small stipend every month.

I will be leaving in mid December so ideally we would like the candidate to arrive on December 1 for training before I leave. However we are flexible with this so if you can only come after Christmas holidays, we would be willing to work that out as well. We would also like you to commit to either a half year until June 30, 2017 or a full year which would be until December 2017.

Please consider this opportunity. It is such a rewarding job and the work they do here is remarkable to see. You get to work with awesome people every day and live in a beautiful community.  If you are not able to come, please share it with other people you know. Please email office@realhopeforhaiti.org if you would like to inquire for this position.



  1. Maria burkhalter says

    Is this position in haiti? I am very interested

  2. Shnider Pierre says

    Hi, can a Haitian apply for this position if having capacity to work through?

  3. office says

    Yes it is. Email the link on the post for more info.

  4. Lori says

    Yes, in Cazale, Haiti.

  5. Lori says


  6. Zoey Stark says

    I am interested in this position. It looks like an amazing opportunity!

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