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Pictures from the ICU :)

Leonardo is still with us.  Fighting to live.  But hanging on.  He ate 2 spoonfuls of soup by mouth today.  That is the first thing we have been able to get him to eat.  It is a start and we will take it 🙂  He continues to get his daily dose of medika mamba through his NG tube.     

Dec 15 2013 b 014

Dec 13 2013b 010

Sweet Guerline.  What a struggle she has had to overcome her kwashiorkor.  She is slowly beginning to improve with special formula.  The nannies have been doing great working with her and gradually increasing her feeding each day.  We had to start out with 20cc every 2 hours.  That is all her body could take.  We are currently up to 4 ounces 20 cc every 3 hours.     


Dec 15 2013 b 015

on oxygen and struggling

Dec 15 2013 b 013

This little gal love food…and if you don’t give it to her when she wants it…well she will let you know 🙂

Dec 15 2013 b 016

These 2 little gals have been improving over the past few weeks.  Daphnie is finally wanting to stand up.  This is a huge victory for her 🙂

Dec 15 2013 b 043

Rose-Marie is standing on her own and continues to gain weight each week.  We are so proud of her 🙂

Dec 15 2013 b 037

Count them…6 boys that are all boy…they make our days full of fun  🙂

Dec 15 2013 b 024

Here are the 3 that have been here for awhile


Dec 15 2013 b 027

And these are the 3 new ones

Dec 15 2013 b 025

Jn Marc healing and gaining weight.  Such a cutie 🙂

Dec 15 2013 b 040

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