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Pictures from the ICU

Ismanie is recovering from severe malnutrition and kwashiorkor.  She does not want to eat or drink much so she has a NG tube in and is getting medika mamba this way for now.  Once she begins to eat the NG tube will be removed.
Ismani ee (1024x683)

Wislere and Jn Bernard have both been here for several months and are ready to return home soon.  They have been a joy to have here with us.

JN Bernard and Wislere (683x1024)

Joliceur came in close to death weighing right around 4 pounds.  He also is getting ready to return home and is up to 12 pounds 8 ounces.

Joliceur aaa (1) (683x1024)

Jose is recovering from severe kwashiorkor.  She is up and walking and recovering and doing much better.  She does not want to take the full amount of medika mamba each day so she still has her NG tube in.

Jose aa (2) (683x1024)

Kattaina is recovering but still fragile and so tiny.

Kattaina aa (1024x683)

Neika was admitted this week.  She is very sick and weak.  She has kwashiorkor and is so sick she cannot even her head up.  She is taking her F-75 milk by mouth.  She will soon graduate to the medika mamba program.

Neika ff (1024x683)

Angeline and Erimene have become good friends.  They love to braid each others hair in the afternoons.

Angeline and Erimene (1024x683)

Jaffenalie is doing well and recovering kwashiorkor.  She lives a 8 hour walk from the clinic.

Jaffanelie e (1024x683)

Sondy is doing well and recovering. He is happy all the time.


Sondy aa (2) (1024x683)




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