Pictures from the ICU today :)


Aug 19 2014 a 017

St Vic and Pierre Louis visiting for a few weeks on summer vacation

Aug 19 2014 a 004

Jonelson recovering in the ICU

Aug 19 2014 a 005

Clivenson feeling better after being sick for several weeks

Aug 19 2014 a 006

Tisime-admitted on Friday  he has already lost 2 pounds of water weight from his kwashiorkor

Aug 19 2014 a 007

A mother visiting her sick child in the ICU

Aug 19 2014 a 018

Aug 19 2014 a 009

Dieunise with a full belly after breakfast

Aug 19 2014 a 008

Joe-Bussa was readmitted last week very ill and so sick he was unable to hold his head up.  He is slowly recovering in the ICU

Aug 19 2014 a 010

Charlens feel good this morning  but missing his buddy Lori

Aug 19 2014 a 020


  1. Janet Pender says

    These children are so precious and so fortunate to have all of you at RHFH. God continue to bless your ministry. I try to help out whenever I can and pray for you daily.

  2. Bekki says

    PLEASE give St Vic a big hug from Djenica, Antonio, Eddie and myself! We love that kid like crazy!

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