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Pictures from the ICU/older children center

Frantzo is having fun playing with his friends today.

IMG_9709 (533x800)

Dieulot is eating well and getting stronger.

IMG_9711 (533x800)

Youry was admitted last week and is fighting this week to overcome severe kwashiorkor.

IMG_9704 (800x533) Youry Jan (4) (800x533)

Some more feet with edema caused by kwashiorkor.

Lovelie jan (2) (800x533)

Nine years old and 34 pounds.

Oslett (2) (533x800)

She is fighting off infections and dealing with severe malnutrition.

melissa jan (1) (800x533)

Krisley healing and ready to go home soon.

IMG_9698 (800x533)

Michelove going home with her family, happy and healed.

IMG_9685 (533x800)

Westenson playing with his buddies.

IMG_9561 (800x533)

21 rules in our home.

IMG_9702 (533x800)

A 2 month old baby with severe kwashiorkor.  Family was feeding crushed up crackers in water to the baby.

Donia (2) (800x533)

A grandma making the difficult decision to leave her grandbaby with us for inpatient care.

Benchley (2) (533x800)

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