Pictures from the Rescue Center

These two are the best of friends 🙂

IMG_7600 (427x640) (2)Jamesly is healing and recovering and ready to return home with is family soon.

IMG_7606 (640x427)Marie Simone is doing well and gaining weight.  She is a joy to have with us.

IMG_7608 (640x427)

Steevenson turned 1 year old and weighs 10 pounds.

IMG_7610 (640x427)Nadiege is recovering well after having a blood transfusion due to her severe anemia.  She is eating and drinking well and gaining weight.

IMG_7634 (640x427)

Fritzlande is happy this month that she is ready to go back home with her extended family.

Fritzlande Feb (2) (427x640)Stanley is one of the happiest kids in our care right now, always ready to share a hug and smile with anyone around.

Stanley Feb (1) (427x640)


  1. Alissa says

    Such precious, precious faces!

  2. Staci Schultz says

    Thanking God for His healing! Thanking God also for you who love and care for them.
    Praying for continued strength for you.

  3. Kim Quance says

    Our God is great! Continued prayer for the kids and all who care for them.

  4. Tammy in MN says

    I love these posts where you share a little bit of the kids’ personalities. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

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