Pictures from the Rescue Center

We have 2 cooks and 1 helper that cook food each day for the kids.  They average 70 bowls of food for each meal.  Today’s lunch meal is rice, beans and legume.  The legume is a mush of eggplant, carrots, cabbage, militon, spinach, and meat.  You put a spoonful of this on top of the rice for a great meal.

IMG_9229 (800x533)IMG_9228 (800x533) IMG_9230 (800x533)

The children in the Rescue Center (in a different location that the ICU), are healing and not in danger of death.  They stay in this center to finish gaining weight to reach a goal weight that has been set for them.  Here are a few of those happy kids.

Stanley Marvens FMSC  (2) (800x533)nadeige Jan (533x800)Magaielle Jan  (1) (800x533) Faneica Jan (800x533)Ericson Jan (533x800)




  1. Bekki says

    Rice and legume is my favorite meal there! We had it at a Haitian restaurant here, and it wasn’t the same at all! Miss my REAL Haitians – see you all in April!

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