Pictures from the Rescue Center

After the kids stay in the ICU and get past the critical stage in their healing they graduated to the Rescue Center.  This is located at a different location than the ICU.  The Rescue Center cares for non complicated cases of malnutrition and those that are well into the healing process.  As weight increases they will then be able to return home with their families and continue to follow in the outpatient feeding program for several month.

March 24 2014 a 003

March 24 2014 a 004

March 24 2014 a 005

  March 24 2014 a 009

March 24 2014 a 011

March 24 2014 a 010

March 24 2014 a 017

March 24 2014 a 013

March 24 2014 a 018


  1. Kelly D says

    I so love seeing all the happy, smiling faces!!!! XOXOXO

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