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Planting season

The mountain sides in our area are just beginning to show signs of life.  There have been a few good rains the past few weeks.  The farmers are beginning to prepare for the upcoming rainy season.  In our area there are lots of watermelons, beans and corn that will be planted.



Many farmers choose to work together in groups.  They travel to each others fields and work together until all the land is prepared to begin planting .  All is done by hand and it is very hard work.  Most begin as early as they can in the morning and work until dark.  Women travel with the groups and prepare food for them during the day.  They then wait until the signs of rain to begin planting.  Many farmers also follow the moon as a guide to when to plant.

April 4 2009 a 005

April 4 2009 b 066

A good crops will sustain a family for months.  Most in our area heavily depend on these crops for survival.  There are places in Haiti that are having severe droughts right now.  This is worrisome to many here.

Jan 30 069

This is corn being dried in trees. They hang it high and put tin around the bottom the the trees so the rats cannot get to it.

Feb 15 2008 039

Grains being prepared to sell or eat.  Hulls or husks are used for food for the animals.

Feb 15 2008 119

We ask that you join us in prayer that the rains will begin and this will be a good season for crops for so many families that are depending on this time for survival.

April 4 2009 b 074


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