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We are devoting the month of January to raising funds for Medika Mamba.  We have been using this product since 2009 in programs here in Cazale.  Since that time, we have treated 692 patients with this Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (RUTF).  We have used many foods over the years that are good for malnutrition, but this is the one that has been the most successful in saving lives…..and they love to eat it!

This is Pouchy and he has been on the Medika Mamba inpatient program for just 4 weeks.  You can see the progress in him in the pictures below.  His papa brought him to the clinic in search of help for his son.  When he was admitted, he had kwashiorkor.  By using the charts and forms provided for the program, we knew just the right amount of mamba that he needed each day to gain weight and improve his health.  He had a quick recovery and is a happy little boy now.  I had him come and look at this picture today.  He was shocked himself at how much he had changed in such a short time.  When his papa comes to see him soon, he will be able to return home – healthy and happy!  We will educate the family on what foods he needs to continue to eat.  We will have him follow in our outpatient program for several months so that we can continue to give him supplemental foods and follow his progress.  The simple daily feeding of Medika Mamba has been the main reason for his quick healing and recovery over the past month.  I can say without a doubt that this product works and is saving the lives of many malnourished children.

Pouchy B & A

We love this product, but not just because it tastes good and helps the kids heal.  There are other reasons as well.  Medika Mamba is made right here in Haiti.  Meds & Foods for Kids is able to purchase peanuts from local farmers right here in Haiti.  What a joy it is to be able to tell a family that the product that helped save their child’s life was produced right here in Haiti and that they bought peanuts from local farmers.  What a blessing it is for those farmers to know that their peanuts are helping save many children all over their country.

The Facts:

These are the two products that we are currently using in our program.  The red package “Medika Mamba” is used on the most severe children in our inpatient and outpatient programs.  Each child is giving a certain amount of tablespoons per day that they need to eat depending on their weight.  The amount will change every week as they are monitored.  In our programs, we average about 3 packages of medika mamba per day per child.  The orange package ” Mamba Djanm”  is used for children that have moderate malnutrition or are well into their rehabilitation stage.  Each child eats one sack per day.

Jan 12014 a 007

We started an outpatient program for children with moderate malnutrition in March of 2013.  This program was being funding by an in-country program here in Haiti.  We just learned this week that this program has been closed and we will no longer receive supplements from them.  Having this program has been a blessing and it will be missed.  We have been able to give parents education and enpower them to heal their children at home.  This, in turn, has helped us to be able to decrease the number of children in our inpatient program as we are catching some of these moderate malnourished children early before they turn into severe malnutrition.  That makes us happy 🙂

The estimated cost for 2014:

Medika mamba is $72 a box (this includes transportation to the MFK Depo in PAP)

We estimate that we will use 38 boxes of per month.  38 boxes X $72= $2,736 per month.  This will treat around 60-70 children.

Mamba Djanm is $65 a box (this includes transportation to the MFK depo in PAP)

We estimate that we will use 10 boxes per month.  10 boxes X $65=$650 per month.  This will treat 50 patients each month.

Medika mamba $2,736 X 12 months=$32,832

Mamba Djanm $650 X 12 months=$7,800

Total estimated cost for 2014———-$40,632

already pledged for 2014—————–$20,000

Total still needed to meet goal=$20,632

How you can donate:

You can use the paypal button below to make a one-time or recurring donation in the amount of your choice to RHFH.  We will then purchase the product from Meds & Food for Kids.

You can send a donation to our home office: (please include a memo letting us know it is for medika mamba)

Real Hope For Haiti

If you would like to donate directly to Meds & Food for Kids-(100% of your donation will go to purchase mamba for RHFH) You can send donation to:

Meds & Food for Kids
4488 Forest Park, Ste. 230
St. Louis, MO  63108

Please include a memo letting them know the donation is to be used for Real Hope For Haiti.

If you have any question you can send an email to licia@realhopeforhaiti.org.  If you would like to email MFK you can go to their website for more info or contact us and we will send you an address of a contact person there.  We will be doing weekly updates in January on the progress of meeting our goal for 2014.  We are excited to get started in raising funds for this live saving product.



  1. Janet Pender says

    I sent in a check on January 3rd and it has not posted to my account yet. I sent it to the Noblesville Indiana address. How do I find out if you have received it? I thank you all so much for the wonderful work you are doing and I pray for all of you daily.

    Thank you,
    Janet Pender

  2. Licia says

    The checks are usually processed once a week. It should go through shortly. I will check with the home office to see if it has been received. Thanks so much!

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