Prayer request for sick kids

 We would appreciate your prayer for the kids here at RHFH.  We have several kids that are fighting bad respiratory problems this week.  We currently have 3 kids on oxygen.  They are struggling to survive today.  Some of their O2 levels were down in the 70’s last night.  We are so thankful to those that donated oxygen concentrator machines to RHFH.  These machines are literally saving these kids lives today along with medications being given.

We are thankful to the Garrett family for #1 for being here and helping in every way they can at RHFH and #2 leading their generator to run these machines at night for the kids.  Our generator is having problems and we would have to run the “big ” generator all night if not for their help.

Our little ICU is getting bigger and not smaller these past few weeks.  We are thankful that God has given us the opportunity to be here so that we can help in what ever way we can.  Many of these parent live very far away in the mountains of Haiti.  Making a trip to Port to see a doctor is not always possible and is never easy. God’s  love is being shown though the work here each and everyday.  Lives are being changed one at a time.  It is hard but so rewarding to be given this privilege.  To God be all the Glory!

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