Prayer Needs

We treasure each of you that commit to pray for us believing for God to move in the hearts and lives of Haitians.  Each month we want to give you a few prayer needs so that we can stand in faith together.  God is more than able to do these things and much, much more.

~health and healing for the children in our care – specifically John Marc, Honda, Stefanie, Daneika 

~smooth transition for Benita going to midwifery school this month

~open hearts to the Gospel message, salvations

~strength and encouragement for the staff

~safe travels and protection for many volunteers this month

~safe delivery of the supply container and favor in customs

Thank you for adding these to your prayer list.  We will let you know how the Lord moved and heard our prayers.  We appreciate the prayer covering and couldn’t survive here without it.  Please pray for us regularly and as God lays Haiti on your heart.  Blessings to you brothers and sisters in Christ.


  1. Susan McAnelly says

    Thanks for this list I will pass this on to my church congregation ,

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