Prayer Requests

We appreciate your support and love that you show us and the Haitian people. Every month, we try to share a few prayer needs hoping that you are standing with us in faith.  This month, we want to share the situations of five of our clinic patients that have requested prayer.  We ask that you lift them up to God in prayer and believe for God’s Will in their lives.

Marjorie is 5 months pregnant, 18 yrs old, and the father of her child just left her for another woman.  She decided to come to the clinic for routine prenatal check-ups.  During her past visit, she found out that she is HIV+.  She has very little family and those that she does have do not do much for her.  Both of her parents are dead.  She is scared and confused.  She doesn’t know where to turn.  Pray that she listens to the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit drawing her to the Lord.

Henry is a 35 year old man that recently found out he has tuberculosis.  He doesn’t understand the illness well and is convinced that someone has put a curse on him.  Through lots of talking, education, and prayer, we have tried to show him that it is a bacteria and not to retaliate against the other person that he believes has done this to him.  Please pray for healing, for understanding, and for a calm spirit.

Rosette is a 23 year old mother of two.  She lives with them and their father in a larger town about an hour from the clinic.  She just found out that she is HIV+ and she is scared to leave her kids without a mom.  She doesn’t know where she got the illness and now has a strained relationship with her husband.  During her last clinic visit, she gave her heart to the Lord and was saved.  We urged her to get plugged into a local church to find more support.  Pray for encouragement, good health, and a restored relationship with her husband.

Evens was saved at a young age and went to church most of his life.  As he grew older, he grew apart from his Savior as life’s struggles pulled him at him.  He became ill recently and realized how much he needed his Father in this difficult and uncertain time.  At his last clinic visit, he prayed for God’s forgiveness and committed to follow Him once again.  Pray for healing, hope, and a strong relationship with Christ.

John Peter is a young man whose whole family is heavily involved in voudou.  His parents are very strict and kicked him out of the house when he decided to become a Christian.  He has had a difficult time, but remains strong in his faith.  His older brother continues to persecute him and recently threaten to poison him.  Pray for safety, courage, and for God to touch the hearts of all the family.

(names are changed)


  1. Jesse Sutherland says

    Thank you for sharing these requests with us. It gives us a better picture of the Spiritual side of your ministry. It also helps us to know better how and who to pray for. May God richly bless you a;;.

  2. Deanna says

    Joining you in prayer for Gods mercy and strength for these precious people and their needs.

  3. Gayle says

    Also joining you in prayer for these precious people and their needs. God bless all of you who are in the field working person by person to bring others to Jesus and addressing their physical needs. To God be the Glory.

  4. Lori says

    Thank you for your prayers for them and us.

  5. Lori says

    Thank you for standing with us in prayer for these precious ones.

  6. Lori says

    Jesse, thanks for praying for these patients and Haiti. I know that you are believing in faith for many to turn to the Lord and grow in His ways. To Him be all the glory!

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