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Pumpkin Soup

Update:  The need has been met.  THANK YOU!


There is a favorite meal that is cooked ever Jan 1st here in Haiti.  It called soup joumou or pumpkin soup.  We will be cooking it for all the kids in the RC….they love it!

We would like to be able to provide it for the other household we support here in Cazale as well.

RHFH currently rents or is provided homes for 22 others in the village.  This includes the sisters, TB houses, handicapped persons and a few others that were in need.

We would love to be able to provide this traditional meals for the households and all the kids in the RC this year.

We have made our lists and priced out everything and it is going to cost $169.88 to make this meal for 22 adults and children and about 70 children in the RC.  Not a bad price to feed everyone a meal.  If you would like to help out with the special need please use the paypal button in the upper right hand corner of the blog or send your donation into the office: Real Hope for Haiti/P.O. Box 23/Elwood, IN 46036 .  Include a memo or note letting us know its for “pumpkin soup”.

*We also are going to have some exciting news about a matching grant to help meet the need for the cholera CTC.  Be checking back for this exciting way to help.  Thank to each of you that love and support our work here in Haiti.  To God be all the Glory!

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