Redo of the ICU..

In 2010 the main RC was damaged in the earthquake.  The children were moved to a new facility a few houses up.  It became difficult to run back and forth quickly enough with kids that were sick and dying to get to the clinic were needed equipment and medications were located.  We set up a temporary tent in the clinic yard to keep these very sick kids in.  After several years, and tents, we moved out to an new area.

The kids were then divided in 2 places for their care.  We made a small room work with the supplies we had to care for those that were the sickest and most malnourished. 


 We also had an overflow area in a room in the clinic.  That worked for awhile, until it was to full.

We then set up cots under a shelter that held the most severely malnourished children.

After the new Cholera Treatment Center was complete in March, we began a plan to redo an old storage area that had held all the cholera supplies.  The plan was to paint, redo the floor, find cribs, and make the room into what we needed to make the ICU run well.  After everything was removed we redid the floor.

 We found cribs and sanded and painted them.   

 We had mattresses made to fit the beds.

 It took a few weeks to get everything done, but what a joy it has been for the staff and the kids. 

 Each child has their own bed to themselves.

 We have a isolation section for respiratory and GI.  This is something we have wanted to have for years to be able to better separate the kids and provide better care for all the kids in general. 

We even found a rocking chair for the nannies to use to rock the babies.   

We will continue little by little to add some painting to the room to brighten everything up.  We also have a group coming soon that will be bringing in mobiles for all the cribs. 

 It is our hearts desire to to our best to care for those that come to the clinic and are in need of extended care for their children.

We never know from week to week those that will come through our doors.

 But we feel more prepared with this new addition to help in whatever way we can. 

 For whoever the Lord sends our way. 

 A safe place to heal and recover.

 A place to grow and receive love while they are away from their families.

 A place to get well, healthy and gain weight and learn about God’s love.

We are so thankful to those that encourage us in our work here in Cazale.  Haiti Serve has been one of those places for Real Hope for Haiti over the years.  They always want to help in whatever way they can to make our load lighter and help our staff care for all these children.  They awarded RHFH a grant to be able to redo this old storage area and turn it into a place to care for those that need emergency 24/7 care.  We are so thankful for them and their friendship with Real Hope to Haiti.  Most of all we are thankful to our Lord and Savior for all He does each day for us.  There is no one else like HIM!


There is none like You.
No one else can touch my heart like You do,
I can search for all eternity Lord
And find, there is none like You.

Your mercy flows like a river wide,
And healing comes from Your hand.
Suffering children are safe in Your arms,
There is none like You.


  1. Bekki says

    BELLE! I cannot wait to come see this new room – which was the old RC when I was first there – but looks so much better than even it used to be! Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts!

  2. Mickey McRoberts says

    You are awesome and we are so thankful to you for helping with the children we can’t care for properly in Carrefour. We pray for you and thank God for you every day! Bread to the Nations

  3. Anna K says

    amazing. so perfect.

  4. Joanne Cottrill says

    LOVE IT!! I’m sure that rocking chair will be put to good use comforting sick kids. The colorful cribs add some cheer as well. All of you at RHFH are AWESOME.

  5. Jeanne says

    WOW! God’s hand is so evident and present in yall’s service down there! BEAUTIFUL!! love to you all!

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