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The initial search for a new office intern(s) provided a wonderful lead, but life took a bit of a turn and the candidates, while they love Haiti and desire to be here, they must put their plans on hold at this time. This leaves us with a continued need for support in our office here in Cazale. With Lori continuing to receive treatment in the USA, the work load is heavy upon us. Since Lori left, the current intern, Erica, has risen to every challenge and been an answer to so many of your prayers for us, for God to help us maintain and sustain the work here while Lori is away. Erica has been a tremendous blessing and asset to RHFH for the first half of 2017, would you prayerfully consider serving to bless and support RHFH and the people of Haiti in the latter half of 2017?

The RHFH team in Cazale is excited to announce that we are looking for one or two individuals to come and serve with us, starting in June 2017! They could be an individual, two complete strangers, two friends, or a married couple. There is just one job description posted below. Ideally, the tasks would be equally divided between two individuals, based on their strengths. A copy of the application is provided below, along with a reference letter template. We ask all applicants to email a signed copy of their application to Erica Mann directly at office@realhopeforhaiti.org. We ask that all applicants also provide three blind character references. We prefer one be a pastoral reference. Please have all completed reference letters sent to Erica directly (the applicant should not see the completed reference letter). Also below is a volunteer packet. APPLICANTS DON’T NEED TO FILL OUT THE VOLUNTEER PACKET. It does have some very valuable information in it, however, that applicants may find helpful.

Applications will be received through Sunday, May 21, 2017. A decision will be made, NLT Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Ideally, the new intern(s) would arrive in Haiti mid-June. This is the preference to facilitate a smoother training and transition, however, other considerations can be made.

The term of the internship can range from 6 months to 1 year, based upon the applicants preference.

RHFH Job Description – Office Intern

Office Intern Application

Reference Letter

RHFH-Volunteer Pack

Feel free to share this opportunity with anyone you think might be a good fit for the position(s). All questions and concerns can be directed to Erica Mann. Again, her email is office@realhopeforhaiti.org. We humbly ask for your prayers also as we confidently seek the Lord’s faithful provision for our needs.

Real Hope for Haiti Team, Cazale


  1. office says

    Please note, the application due date has been pushed back to April 19th.
    – RHFH, Cazale team

  2. stevenson Loiseau says

    Im truly interested in the position

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