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Sacrificial Saturday

A beautiful example of sacrifice:Ginel Home (2) (427x640)

While speaking at East Elementary School in Pendleton, IN this week, a third grader approached me (Lorraine), and with a very serious and committed tone said, “I am going to sell my bike this weekend and buy peanut butter for you with the money I get for it.”

What a beautiful example of a heart being touched with the love of Christ! She is so moved by the suffering in Haiti and how one jar of peanut butter can save a life, that she is determined to make a difference.

We are short several pallets to fill our container, which is scheduled to leave Indiana on Tuesday. There is four items, which we are hoping to purchase by the pallet, we are in urgent need of: peanut butter, diapers, baby wipes, and garbage bags, plus other items needed for the Medical Clinic and Rescue Center.  Purchasing supplies in Haiti is very costly, so we depend on your generous donations to buy our most urgent needs in the states and place them on one of the two containers we ship to Haiti each year.  The first container is shipped in May and the second container in September.

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Our goal is $12,778.40.  Due to your generosity, we have raised $4300.00 so far!!!

If your heart is touched, please consider making a sacrificial gift today!

This is a beautiful opportunity to share this giving opportunity with your family, friends, youth groups, church groups, co-workers, organizations, etc. If you have any questions please contact Zach and Lorraine at 952-649-7107.

God’s love makes a difference!

You can donate by sending donations into our home address: Real Hope for Haiti/15215 Endeavor Drive/Noblesville, IN 46060 or by clicking on this link or by using the donations app located on the left hand side of the Facebook page.

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