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Serette has been a patient of RHFH since Aug of 2011.  She stayed her at RHFH with us for several month while she was recovering and continued to follow in the clinic each month for medications.  She had a heart condition that could have been easily treated with a small surgery in a developed country.  She was unable to find a place here in Haiti to help her.  We were hopeful that she might be able to travel the the Dominican Republic but all those plans never came to reality.

                                              This is Serette in Aug 2011

RHFH formed a long lasting relationship with her family.  Her father was a fisherman and often brought us his fresh catch from the ocean as a thank you  for helping his daughter.  He invited Lori and I to go on his boat for a day of fishing with him, what fun that would have been.  She was able to start back at school and just passed one of her official exams at the end of last year.

            Serette after months of medications, feeling much betterer

Serette was having some problems these last few weeks.  Her family lives several hours away from Cazale on the other side of Port-au-Prince.  On Saturday she began having some shortness of breath and just was not feeling well.  They went to a hospital in Port hoping that they would be able to help.  As they arrived Serrette stopped breathing and died in her mama’s arms.  The hospital kept her body that night and transferred her to a morgue the next day.  The family is needing some help with the cost of the burial.  They are currently in need of  $1,204.82 to cover the cost needed for burial, morgue fees, transportation of body from the hospital, casket and other burial fees.  The cost is higher than a normal burial here at Cazale due to her body being in the morgue and it being in Port.   If you would like to help her family with this need please include a note or memo in with the donation of “Serette”.  You can use the paypal button in the upper right hand corner of the blog or send donations into our home address Real Hope For Haiti/P.O. 23/Elwood, IN 46036.  On behalf of her family we thank you!


  1. kathy says

    What a sad time for that family. I’d be glad to help.

  2. lora says

    My heart breaks for Marie-Claire and her husband. Serette was special and I prayed for her often. I am so thankful for all of you at RHFH who showed her and her parents the love of Jesus.

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