burial blanketLoosing a child in our care is never easy, but we are reminded of God’s deep love for each and every one of us. Preparing a child for burial is one way we can honor that love. Little blankets like the ones pictured¬†are put inside the caskets for the children that have passed.

Blankets can be of any construction – sewn, knit or crochet. For the purposes of a sewing project, a good size is 45″ X 40″. This uses the full width of a standard 45 inch fabric. Flannel fabrics in pastels or cloud prints work well, but any color is acceptable. You do not need to wash the fabric first – the new feel is appreciated. Satin binding can be purchased or hand made. Hemmed blankets are also acceptable.

Tutorial for quick burial blanket
Make your own blanket binding
Attaching blanket binding tutorial