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Some of the children in the Rescue Center

Guylander was admitted last week with severe kwashiorkor.  This week his edema (swelling) is almost down and he is up and playing with the other children. 

Julienne has been here a little over a weeks and is refusing to eat or drink much so has a NG tube to make sure she is getting all her medika mamba each day. 

Micheline and Luxandia are both healed and ready to return home with their families soon.

Monwensky has surgery on his club feet last month.  He has a appointment at the beginning of Jan to remove the cast.

Wood was admitted with kwashiorkor that was so severe his legs split and were raw in several area.  His edema is slowly going down and the skin is peeling on his legs.  He has been in a lot of pain.  This week he is able to begin to sit up some on his own.

Chrismene is still not doing well.  She is refusing to eat or drink much.  We are working with her to find things she likes to eat and drink but it is a challenge.  Continued prayers for her appreciated!

Jolene was admitted yesterday.  She is 6 years old and to weak and sick to stand or walk.  She is also refusing to eat.

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