Some of the kids from the ICU

IMG_0411 (427x640) IMG_0414 (640x427) IMG_0415 (640x427) Nanpamie May (427x640) Roseline May (2) (427x640) Wislere May (427x640) IMG_0409 (427x640) IMG_0405 (427x640) IMG_0404 (427x640) Faneica may (640x427) Delens May (427x640)


  1. Erin Bonine says

    This makes me happy happy happy to see these sweet faces!

  2. Tammy in MN says

    AWE!!! Love those little faces. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Alissa says

    Such beautiful faces!

  4. Kathy Cassel says

    All so precious.

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