Song: How Much I Owe (Konbyen Mwen Dwe)

#100 Chants D’Espérance (Creole)

Lè Jezi mouri sou kalvè
Lè Kris mouri se te pou mwen
Mwen mande eske m’ap konnen
Konbyen mwen dwe, konbyen mwen dwe

Konbyen mwen dwe, lanmou san fen
Konbyen mwen dwe ka kris pou mwen
Mwen konnen sa Li fè pou mwen
Mwen pa ka di konbyen mwen dwe


When Jesus died on the cross
When Christ died it was for me
I wonder if I will know
How much I owe, how much I owe

How much I owe, love without end
How much I owe, Christ’s plight for me
I know what He did for me
I can not say how much I owe


  1. Sharel says

    there is no way I can repay the blessings in my life. Not all blessings are good and winderful. Some are painful and hurt. But blessings they are and I give thanks to God my creator and redeemer for them all!

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