Special need for 2 TB patients

UPDATE:  So far there has been $796.25 donated.  We only need $247.50 to have this need met!

The community of Cazale has donated yet another house for our use at this time.  We were in need of a place to put two ladies we have that are TB positive.  They were both patients in our clinic that become increasing ill and tested positive a few months ago.  They both live a good distance from the clinic and got to the point that they were very ill and near death.  They were both in very bad shape when they were admitted into our care.  Knowing that we have so many sick kids already, we knew that we could not keep them in the same area.  I started asking around and found a house that the community is letting us use for now.  It is a three room house with a small porch.

Viergela is 33 years old and has 5 living children.  She tested TB positive in July of 2012.  She was staying with some family members when she was ill and they kicked her out of the house when they knew of illness.  She was sleeping on someone’s  porch at night but really did not have a place to stay.

This is Aurelie.  She is in her 50’s and has been sick for several years.  She tested positive for TB in Sept of 2012.  She was carried down on a bed from her home in the mountains.  She told us that if she went back home she would die.  She weighs in at 74 pounds.  She has 3 grown daughter that are scared they are going to get sick.  They have refused to care for her at this time.

So we have a house that is currently rent free.  We have all the medications for them for free.

What we need help with

2 beds (frames)-$31.25

dish rack & dishes-$50.00

table & chairs-$62.50

food for 6 months-$900

We feel like they should be able to return home to their families and continue their treatment after 6 months.  We are hoping they live that long and that they recover.  There is still one free room in the house that can be used if another patient comes in need.

That is a total of $1043.75 to house and feed 2 TB positive ladies for 6 months.  If you would like to make a donation please use the paypal button in the upper right hand corner of the blog or send donation into Real Hope For Haiti/P.O. Box 23/Elwood, IN 46036.  Please include a note or memo letting us know it is for the “TB house”.  Thanks so much in advance for always being willing to help out with the needs at RHFH.  To God be all the Glory!


  1. kathy says

    I just pay pal’d but forgot to put it’s for the TB house.

  2. enola says

    Praying for you all and sent some $ via paypal.

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