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Staff spotlight-Fabienne

 This is Fabienne.  She has been working for about 6 years at Real Hope For Haiti.  She starting out washing clothes for the kids in the Rescue Center.  After a time she began working for those taking vacation time in the Rescue Center.  She has 4 living children and 2 that have died.   Her current job is a very important one at Real Hope for Haiti.  Two days a week she takes children from the Rescue Center to a government clinic about 30 minutes away to get vaccinations.  Two other days during the week she travels over a hour away to get testing for TB and HIV for all the children that are admitted to the Rescue Center.  She has been doing this every single week for many years.

Fabienne says her favorite thing about her job is seeing the kids go through the changes of recovery.  Sometimes she does not see a child for a few weeks and she is amazed at the change that can happen is short time.  She knows the heartache of losing a child and this helps her in her job when she deals with the parents of the kids.  One of the most frustrating things she sees is how hard it is to find help for your child if it is sick.  She has stayed with children in hospital in town and she is so sad to see the lack of care from the staff and hospitals.  She is happy to have a job at Real Hope For Haiti.  The work helps her to be able to feed her children and send them to school.  She hopes that she will continue to be able to help as many kids as she can. 


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