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Staff Spotlight: Launa

Launa and Canes (1) cLauna Pierre is a 27-year-old overnight ICU nanny here at Real Hope for Haiti. She has been working here since February 2013. She was born and raised in Cazale and continues to live here with her husband and growing family. They have two sons and another one, gender to be determined, due this fall. Launa loves Cazale because it is a safe environment to raise her children in, but she does wish that they would pave the road here.

Launa loves to play with the kids and hold those who are too small or ill to play; it is by far her favorite part of the job. She is not a fan of changing cloth diapers and rejoices when disposable ones are available. She believes that many of the children that our currently here or who have been patients here have helped to shape and grow her as a person and as an employee. One patient that she will never forget was a 15 year-old burn victim named Mirlande. She was the first child that Launa cared for when she began working for RHFH. Mirlande was burned all over her body and couldn’t do anything on her own. Launa and Mirlande became close in the three months that Mirlande was here. She even began to call Launa her “Mama”. Mirlande was healed eternally in Heaven with Jesus, but Launa will never forget her. To Launa the kids that don’t get healed her on earth are the ones that stick out more for her. It reminds her how important the job she does is and makes her strive to do better and care more for all that come through the doors because you never know how long they may have left.

Launa is a reflective, wise (even at her age) young lady. She loves working for RHFH because she feels like everything is important and has value in helping to give children a life they may not have been able to keep if the in-patient facility wasn’t available. She believes that not only does RHFH help children but it also helps parents who may not have had opportunities to get medical care as well as spiritual support.  She’s also grateful that RHFH is within her community because they have provided her and many other locals much need jobs. Launa is pretty humble but she would like people to know that she works hard to help give children life, and it’s not always an easy task.


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