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Staff Spotlight – Magdala

Magdala is a nurse who currently works in the clinic doing consultations and reporting.  She has also worked taking blood pressures, doing dressing changes, and in the cholera center.  She works Tuesday to Friday and has been working since Dec 2009.


She was born in Port-au-Prince, but her parents soon separated and she never knew her dad.  Her mom moved back to her hometown near Cap Haitian and Magdala grew up there.  Her mom never had any more children.  When she became a teenager, she asked about her father but her mother had nothing to share as they had lost contact.  She attended and graduated from a Catholic school in her town.  That school had a school nurse that was very nice and helped her and her friends many times when they were ill.  It was this school nurse that inspired her to later move to Port-au-Prince to go to nursing school. Her mother passed away and she felt alone.  She prayed that God would help her find her dad.  She completed nursing school and had 2 children.  The father took one of the kids to be raised in another town so she doesn’t see him often.  She cares for her girl.  She worked here for many years and continued to pray that she would find her dad.  She knew his name since it was on her birth certificate and she always had it in the back of her mind.  Imagine when a patient that came through the clinic had the same name.  After a few questions, they were sure that they had found each other.  Her father was very happy and they still have a good relationship.  She found out that she has 6 siblings too.  Her dad lives about 45 minutes away and they visit often.

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Magdala was married in Dec 2015 through help from RHFH in completing a marriage Bible study, wedding planning, and financial aid.  Also living with them is their son, her husband’s grandma, and another teenage girl.  They are living in a rented 2 room house that has a kitchen, outhouse, shower, and piped water.  With the pay that she gets from being a nurse, they have started building a house.  It will be a 5 room house, but they have just built 2 rooms so far.  Just this week, she was able to buy the tin for the roof.  Once the 2 rooms are covered, all six of them will be able to move in.  It is an exciting time for her family and she asks that you pray for her that all will go well.

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She enjoys living in Cazale because it is cool, the people are relaxed, and there is lots of water.  The village reminds her of her childhood home and she feels connected to the people here.  She likes to play with her kids on her days off.  She would like to see the area improve by getting a paved road, electricity, and a police station and other government offices.  She says that RHFH helps the area with health and has brought many foreigners to the area.  More people come to Cazale and this improves the economy of the area.  They help with many other things to improve people’s life and hearts.

She enjoys caring for patients and watching them get better.  She likes that her job allows her to meet so many types of people.  She is also thankful for all that she learns here to advance her knowledge.  She doesn’t like long days and wishes that she would always have what she needs to help people be well again – supplies and medications.  She thanks everyone for all the help that they give and for your prayers.  Since we are very crowded at our current location, she would encourage RHFH supporters to help with future building projects to expand and improve the facilities.

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There is one patient that will hold a special place in her heart, Chrisnold.  She was caring for him one day and he passed out in her room.  She quickly worked to revive him and she cared for him that day until he regained his strength.  Though a very long process, it was determined that he had TB and was started on medications.  He is doing much, much better and she is amazed every time she sees him.  It makes her heart happy knowing that she was a part of his healing and recovery.  Every visit is like a surprise and it makes her day to see him.  She calls him a miracle and they thank God together.

On a typical day, Magdala get to clinic about 6:50 for staff prayer and meeting.  After that, she goes to her room to set up for the day stocking medications and supplies.  As soon as she is ready and there is a patient with a chart, she calls them in and starts seeing patients.  Most common illnesses, she can handle on her own, but always asks others for their advice on difficult cases.  She has a lunch break from 12-1 and continues working until around 5.  She does this 3 days a week.  On Fridays, she does chart review and reporting where she and another staff member count the number of illnesses and different types of patients that we have had throughout the week.

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Her job helps her buy food and clothes, build her house, and send her child to school.  It also helped her find her father and have the opportunity to get married.  It helps her gain experience and knowledge to be able to care for her family when they are sick.  Her job helps others by bring healing to their bodies that help them have a better life.

Though life is not always easy, Magdala keeps her hope in God and thanks Him for how He guides her life.  She is quick to give a smile and encouragement to all.  Frequently, she prays with patients and shares her faith.  God is able!  Trust in Him!

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