Staff Spotlight: RC Nanny Yves-Rose

Yves-Rose (pronounced “Eve-Rose”) is a nanny at the Rescue Center, where she can be found always with a smile on her face and joy in her heart.   She began working at RHFH shortly after the earthquake in January of 2010.  Her job was to help care and cook for the earthquake victims that had been transported to RHFH from the USS Comfort Ship for long-term hospice/aftercare.  She later was transferred to the Rescue Center, where she has been employed ever since. 

To say that Yves-Rose loves and appreciates her job is an understatement.  When asked what her favorite part of her job is, her response is a simple, “I love my job.  I like to work, and I’m always happy when I work.”  As a single mother to four daughters, it’s understandable why she has such great appreciation for her job.  Her income allows her to put food on the table, send her daughters to school and keep them clothed, as well as being able to help care for her own brother and sister since the loss of their mother. 

Lunchtime at the Rescue Center.

When Yves-Rose is at work, she immediately becomes a mommy figure to several little boys and girls.  She said she doesn’t have a favorite among them, but she is always partial to the special needs children that she cares for.  It is hard for her when the children that she invests so much into leave to go home, because she worries about their future.  She loves them all deeply, and it makes her very sad when one of them later returns to RHFH because they have once again become sick.  The reality that some of these children will indeed become sick again makes her sad. 

In her opinion, Yves-Rose says that there is not one specific factor in the care that the children at the RC receive that is the most important to their recovery and wellbeing.  She attributes the healing in these children to the combination of several crucial things.  Speaking of the care the nannies provide the children, “We appreciate them.”  With love and respect, the nannies feed them, nurture them, and make them happy.  At the Rescue Center, the children “can live without stress.”  That is when healing can best happen, she says. 

Yves-Rose brings a couple of the kids over to the Clinic to get a shot.

A resident of Cazale herself, Yves-Rose whole-heartedly believes that RHFH saves a lot of lives within this community.  “Children, elderly….this mission is a great thing.”  Though she has never gotten on the internet and doesn’t grasp the scope of how her story will touch other people around the world, she does understand that there are people out there that support RHFH to be able to continue serving the needs of the people in and around Cazale.  “If they could continue to help, that would be good.”  She has needs, the people in her community have needs, and through the ministry of RHFH, many of those needs are met. 

So is Real Hope for Haiti important to Cazale? 

“Oh, wi (yes)!!!   This mission is necessary for Cazale!”


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