Staff Spotlight: Rose Marie


What work do you do at RHFH and where do you work?

I work with the children in the ICU.  I give medications, change diapers, feed the kids and take care of the sickest children.

How old are you? 39 

Where do you live? Cazale

How and when did you start working at RHFH?

I started working in October of 2002.  My father was very sick in the general hospital at Port-au-Prince.  He had a broken leg.  My sister was staying with him in the hospital.  She came home and told us that he was going to die.  I was very shocked.  I did not understand.  I am the oldest so I told her I must go to see him.  I travel to the General hospital in the capital.  I found my father in very bad shape.  He leg was open and infected and full of maggots.  The doctor had not been to see him for 7 days.  The nurses sat at their desk and did nothing.  They would not clean his wounds or give him medications.  They said it was not their job.  I left and went and bought soap, a bowl and water.  They did not even have water at the hospital.  I gave my dad a bath at his bed.  I went a bought a pair of gloves.  I spent several hours picking all the maggots out of his legs.  I told the hospital that I wanted to take him home.  They told me he was going to die. The next day I rented a pickup truck and took him back to Cazale.  I went to the clinic and talked to Madame Zack and Lori.  Madame Zach sent Lori to see his leg.  She cleaned it and started him on medications.  She came to the house each day to see him.  After coming for about 1 week I told her that I was not afraid of my father or his wounds.  She showed me how to clean them and put dressing on them.  I did this for several weeks.  My dad’s leg got better and he was able to walk finally.  We want to the clinic to see Madame  Zach and Lori.  They were so happy to see us.  Lori told me that she was so happy and that I had done a good job with the dressing changes.  She asked me if I needed a job.  I filled out an application and was called in for a interview a few weeks later and then stated working in Oct 2002.

How is your house made and how many people live there?

My house is 4 rooms and a porch. It is made of rocks, cement, and tin.  There are 6 people that live at my home.

Do you like you job, and if so why?

I love my job.  It is hard work but very rewarding.  I love to see the kids that are very sick recover.  I like to see what food can do to heal a body that is almost dead.   The job helps me to buy food for my family.  It helps me to be able to send my children to school.  It help me to be able to help my sisters that do not have work.

What do you think Cazale needs?

A paved road would help

What would you like others to know about you?

I would like them to know that I am a quiet person and I do not like conflict.

Is there anything you would like others to pray about you for?

I would like all my family to be save and go with Jesus when the rapture happens.

What do you need to do your job better?

Disposable diapers, more fans, spray for mosquitos and bugs

Tell us a story about something that happened during your work that you will always remember.

There were 2 twin girls that came when they were just born. They were very little and only weighed about 4 pounds.  They stayed at the RC until they were about 18 months old.  No one ever came and visited them. One of the twins was very sick and had to be taken to the hospital in town.  She stayed for about a month before she came back.  We asked around for their family many times but no one ever came. We knew her mama died in child birth.  We finally found her papa and grandma.  The papa refused to come and get the girls.  So grandma came.  She was very happy for them to return home.  They left on a Tuesday.   On Friday morning they came back with one of the girls.  She was very near death.  We ran with her to the clinic and they put an IV in quickly and it saved her life.  Her grandma cried and said she was too old to care for her.  She asked if I would take her and raise her and I said yes. She has lived with me since that time.  She is now 6 years old and she is my daughter.  I also have a son that is older. 


  1. Susan McAnelly says

    What a wonderful and giving person you are Rose Marie.
    I will pray for you and your family every day.

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