Staff Spotlight: Rosita

My name is Rosita.  I has been working with RHFH since Jan 2005.  I work in the Rescue Center where the kids are that are recovering before they return home with their families.  My favorite part of working at RHFH is the children.  Even though they are only here for a few months we get to spend time with them and come to love them like our own.  I enjoy being able to talk to the parents as well.  I try to tell them what foods we have been feeding their child so when they go home they can continue to feed them so they stay healthy and big.  I am in charge at the Rescue Center for 2 days of each week.  Even when I am in charge I still do all the jobs like changing diapers, giving baths, feeding the children and playing with them.  My favorite thing each day is to sing with the kids.  They love to sing and clap even the little babies smile when we sing.IMG_3018


I was born and raised here in the village of Cazale.  I have eight children that I care for.  One of these is a foster child that  is living with us.  She was abandoned in the clinic yard several years ago.  We all love her like our own.  She is a big part of our family now.  My husband was killed in a motorcycle accident in June.  He lived for a few days but did not make it.  It has greatly affected my life and my children lives.  He was a very good husband and father to our children.  He worked very hard to provide for all of us.  Having a job at RHFH has helped me and my family.  I am able to help out one of my sisters that does not have a job and also take care of my mother who is bedridden.  Cazale is a nice place to live we all wish that we could have a paved road and electricity in the village.  The only thing I think we need more of is meat to feed the kids, they all love eating chicken, fish and beef each week and it helps them to gain weight.  The best thing we give them is the meidka mamba to eat.







  1. tena says

    I love this lady and she is very special to RHFH and to her family. And she takes wonderful n care of all of her babies.

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