Staff spotlight-Sisters Malene and Janet


These two lovely ladies are sisters.  They come from a family of 2 girls and 6 boys.  Their mama died when they were very young.  They lived with their aunt growing up in a near by village.  Several years ago they moved to Cazale so that they could be closer to their papa to care for him as he was getting older.

They rent a house together and have been together their whole lives.  They both say it one of them moves the other will go with them, no matter where it is.  Two of their brothers have died, one of sickness and one was murdered.  They have taken in their brothers children and are raising them as well.

The younger sister Janet,( who is in the back ) has been working for us for several years.  She started out taking care of three children that were without a mama.  Malene (in the front) started working here in 2010.  She filled in for people when they were on vacation working part-time.  When a full time position become available she was happy to take the spot.

These sister come each each evening to prepare dinner for the volunteers and teams that are here.  They love to cook and enjoy learning new dishes as well.  They sometimes think american meals are strange, like taco and anything with cream of mushroom 🙂 but as long as everyone eats they are happy.  When I asked them what they like best about their job they both had the same answer.  They love to be able to serve those that come to help others in the community of Cazale.  Malene said she cannot put an IV in, but she can make sure the person that is helping to save a life of a child will have a dinner waiting for them at the end of the day.  They both get to see the excitement is so many of the volunteers faces when they are working with those in the community and that makes them happy to see.

Having a job at RHFH for them is also helpful for their family.  They are able to take care of several children and send them to school.  They believe education is a must for all children in Haiti.  They are also able to help their papa who is now elderly.

When I asked them what does Cazale need, they said the road needs fixed, more places for people to find jobs and everyone working together to improve the community.

We love these 2 ladies and are happy they are a part of our team here at RHFH.


  1. Michael Williams says

    These two ladies are excellent cooks and I enjoyed the meals they prepared for our teams when we’ve been there!

  2. Susan McAnelly says

    The food is wonderful , thank you ladies for your hard work.

  3. Alina says

    Thank you for graciously serving meals to us, and many others that come to RHFH, we were so blessed by the meals and time around the table when we came! Thank you!

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