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Stand With Us In Prayer

Your prayers are reaching the throne room of God.  As you lift up the Haitian people and the work here, God is moving and working.  We thank you for caring about Haiti and believing that the Lord can still touch hearts and change lives.

This month we would like for you to pray for the political stability of the country.  The opposition (those against the current government) group is holding many protests every week.  Many have been killed and injured.  There doesn’t seem to be any easy answers to calm these groups and satisfy their demands.  They asked that the Prime Minister step down.  He just resigned and that puts some government offices at a standstill until a new one is appointed.  Even though they met this demand, the protesters are not stopping.  We know that only God can bring peace and we are asking for Him to move mightily in the hearts of these men and women to bring calmness, understanding, and a willingness to discuss issues without violence.

Please pray for open hearts to the Gospel.  We have a chaplain that is doing her best to bring the Word of God to the patients that we serve.  She has had many wonderful discussions and been able to pray for several patients.  A hospice cancer patient has been staying with us in December for palliative care.  He turned his heart to the Lord before he passed away and we are sure God received him with open arms.  Though these situations are difficult, we ask that the Lord guide our words and decisions to point all we meet towards Him.

Pray for healing for the children in our care suffering from infections, malnutrition, wounds, and neglect.  These fragile children are close to God’s heart.  They are His and we pray that His Will be done in their lives.  Broken bodies and wounded hearts sometimes require miracles for healing.  Ask and believe God to mend and move in the lives of these little ones and their families.  The staff do all that they can, but God is the Great Physician.

As we move into a new year, we ask that you pray for us and God’s work through RHFH.  This will be the 21st year that God has allowed us to live and work full-time in Haiti.  We are humbled that He would choose broken and imperfect vessels like us to be His hands and feet to the nation and people of Haiti.  Pray that He guides us to complete the work that He has begun.  Pray that He open doors that He wants opened to further the reach of His Message.  Pray that God give us creative ways to stretch the resources that we have to do the most work possible.  We want to have clear direction and solid goals for this coming year to bring glory to God and advance His Kingdom.  The needs are many and we want to choose to use our supplies and time wisely to accomplish the will of the Lord.

Answered prayers:
1)  The container of supplies was finally released from customs this past week.  There have been many obstacles with this container; but, with patience and much prayer, the items have arrived in Cazale and have already started to be used and distributed.
2)  Hurricane season is over and we did not have damage.
3)  There were 54 children that graduated from the malnutrition program in November.  There were 10 children that were discharged from the inpatient nutrition program.  Children are recovering and healing!

Thank you for standing with us and supporting us with your prayers.  The prayer covering is vital to us in the work that we are doing.  Without your prayers, we feel this protection and peace lifted and confusion and fear creep in.  It is only with the support and prayers of the body of Christ that we are able to be here and continue the work.  Your prayers are bringing change, healing, and comfort to many as Christ moves on the behalf of His children.

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