Students Learning Through Serving

Last week we were blessed to have a day-team come in for four days to offer their time, skills, and hearts to RHFH.  The team is from the University of Maine at Augusta and was lead by Susan Baker, Professor of Science.  The team members are all taking a course in global health as their capstone course for the Biology program.   This is the third year Susan has brought a team of students to Haiti and included time volunteering at RHFH in the trip.  She said she is looking forward to next year’s trip already!

Front row, L to R: Michelle with Sain Vique, Martin, Nicole.

Back row, L to R:  Kristen, Rolando, Lee, Martin, Michele (interpreter), Susan, Sarah.

 “Our week was life-changing for the team.  All agree that they have arrived home different people.”

 “They learn more about global health issues in their week in Haiti than they do from the course readings.”

– Susan Baker, team leader


Playing with developmental toys with the children from the Rescue Center.


The kids loved the activities and attention.


Measuring daily Medika Mamba servings for all of the children on the Medika Mamba Program (photo above & below).


Physical therapy and massage for Izabella.


Dental varnish for several children passing through the Clinic and in the RC.  Carmelite (Clinic staffer) was able to receive training and education, too!

Carrying in much needed supplies for RHFH every day.

We truly appreciated this team’s flexibility and enthusiasm to learn and serve in whatever way they could.  The ICU remodel was beginning while they were here, and they never once complained about having to frequently change plans and work in various, often cramped, spaces.  Great attitudes are such a blessing!  Thanks for all you did and gave, team!


  1. Kayla says

    Thank you for sharing and for hosting this group. As I looked at your photos, I couldn’t help but think how this small little trip will have helped to raise up future leaders in the area of global health, giving them valuable first hand experience.

  2. Bekki says

    amazing. And, I have to laugh, there’s my favorite boy, Saint Vique, front and center. LOVE THAT KID!

  3. Gregory says

    Kudos to all of you for a job well done. And I appreciate that you are building a relationship with the clinic. I am so humbled by the dedication and hard work of everyone involved. Thanks.

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