Teaching Position for 2015-2016 school year


Some of the children of RHFH staff.

God has been grateful in His provision of homeschool teachers over the last several years. We are grateful for the love, encouragement, and enthusiasm for learning each of our teachers have invested into the children of the RHFH staff.

Because He has graciously provided teachers for us in the past, we are humbly praying to the Lord once again, asking Him to stir another’s heart to come and share life with us in Haiti and teach our children for the 2015-2016 school year.

Because of an increase in number of students, we are seeking two teachers for the upcoming school year! 

Henley (7th grade)

Henley will be in 7th grade.


Perhaps God is calling a husband and wife, or a couple of friends, or perhaps He will bring two different people from two different places to fill this need. We are excited to see how the Lord might answer our prayers! Maybe He will use you

Job Description:

  • Ideally, one teacher will teach the two older boys, Henley (7th grade) and Trey (6th grade). A second teacher would teach the younger three children, Grace (2nd grade), Ameyah and Isaiah (both starting Kindergarten). Thanks for some friends in Indiana, Carmelo will be finishing his senior year of school in the United States.
  • Teachers will have curriculum and additional classroom resources provided to assist in developing structured lesson plans.
  • Teachers are expected to have a healthy work ethic, willingness to adapt and determination to persevere.
  • Teachers should have a passion for teaching and a commitment to creating an atmosphere where our children can flourish.
  • Teachers should possess the resolve and tenacity to brave sweaty days and challenging conditions for the sake of helping our children grow in their knowledge and cultivate their love for learning.



Trey will be in 6th grade

Benefits provided:

  • One round trip ticket from the United States—>Haiti
  • Housing and food
  • Electricity (Generally 24/7 if used conservatively)
  • Clean drinking water
  • Laundry service
  • Internet (no streaming/ skyping available due to limited bandwidth)
  • Phone for use within Haiti (limited international calls as well)
  • A life changing adventure that will shape your future.
  • When earned, a top notch letter of recommendation/ reference for future graduate programs or jobs for which you apply. I will even break out the thesaurus and use big, sesquipedal (see, proof I own a thesaurus) words to help you achieve your dreams, since you help our kids get a little closer to theirs.
  • This is a volunteer position, and does NOT offer a salary or financial compensation of any kind.


Grace parkk

Grace will be in 2nd grade.

Required Commitments:

  • A commitment for the school year from early October 2015-early June 2016.
  • Well organized and willing to follow an established daily schedule.
  • While there are many opportunities to serve others and help RHFH, your primary responsibility and #1 commitment must be teaching our students. Your role as a teacher has incredible short and long term value to our organization.
  • Be respectful of confidentiality, both for the students and those served by the mission.  (The rights of these students and the patients of RHFH deserve as much respect as those of the students and patients in the U.S.)
  • Be mindful of the limited resources we have here in rural Haiti and be respectful of the community in which you will live.
  • Compliance with the Real Hope for Haiti conduct policy.



Ameyah will be in Kindergarten

Preferred Character Qualities:

  • A love for Christ and a desire to represent Him in word and deed.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Patients, kind and compassionate as you interact with various learning styles.
  • Open mind and humble heart
  • Ability to live in an isolated rural setting without frequent opportunities to leave the area.
  • Be prepared to eat a balance of Haitian and American food, understanding that many foods you may be used to are expensive or unavailable, therefore rarely served.
  • An understanding that this position is not filled some of the excitement you might associate with missionary work, but these are our kids and they are awesome, and your impact with be felt for years to come, in their lives and in our families.
  • An understanding that the Cazale area is hot and humid, has lots of bugs and rodents, and can be noisy.  While normally a safe and peaceful place, it requires common sense and respect for rules/directions/guidelines given by RHFH staff who have many years of experience living here.
  • An understanding that Real Hope for Haiti is a place where one’s heart, mind and soul will be stretched and challenged.


Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 1.57.35 PM

Isaiah will also be in Kindergarten


Thank you for considering this position! If you think this is an awesome opportunity but God has you serving elsewhere and teaching at RHFH next year is not a possibility for you, then share, share, share this opportunity with others via Facebook, Twitter. Perhaps you could consider sharing this need at your church or at a Bible study. Maybe God is putting someone else on your heart you feel like fits this position well. Email them a link!

Or perhaps you feel the Lord stirring your heart and feel you may be the right person at the right time, that perhaps God created you for such a time as this. That is thrilling to think you may be an answer to our prayers. You might be someone God uses in remarkable ways to impact our students life and help them become the young people God desires them to be.

We love our kids and greatly desire they have a wonderful school year, but we also want to ensure you have a meaningful year as well. Let’s pray, pray, pray and see what the Lord might do!

You can find an application here: Download Teacher Application

For additional questions. or to submit your completed application, please email: casey@realhopeforhaiti.org




  1. Shea Johnsons says

    Need teaching certificate or college degree or what?

  2. Licia says

    teaching certificate or college degree not required at this time.

  3. james etienne says

    Call me on +50939009192

  4. Lori says

    Please email casey@realhopeforhaiti.org for more information.

  5. Deanna says

    Submitted my application, praying for God’s clear direction and incredibly excited at the possibility of serving your team !

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