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In early January we had a team from La Croix Church in Cape Girardeau, MO come to serve in Cazale for a week.

There were 2 Physical Therapist that spend the week working with many of the children in the Rescue Center.  They taught the nannies lots of activities and exercises to do with many of our children.  They were a huge blessing to us.

There were several medical professions on the trip that saw many patients and helped several that had been struggling with sickness for years.  They worked long hours each day to help our clinic staff see all the patients that had came for the day.

It was a blessing to the RHFH staff and the community to have them visit.

The  following week we had a team from Artist for Hope and Westwood Community Church visit.  It was a hard week for us with several emergencies and sick kids.  We did not feel like we were able to spend much time with the team.  We were lucky in that they were a great bunch and found activities and things to do with the kids.  It was a fun week for many of the older children who were able to do lots of  fun activities.

playing with toys on the porch..

love this lady…

They had several sessions with local participants in the Artist for Hope program.  It was a good productive week.

We are thankful for each person that comes and visits at RHFH.  We pray that they will be able let God do great things in their lives while they come to serve here in Cazale.


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