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One way to prevent cholera and other diseases is to promote good hygiene practices.  Many are willing, but do not have access to sanitation services.  It is common for some to have to use the gardens because they don’t have a latrine or outhouse.  The community group, GVADK, has built numerous outhouses over the past several years with the help of several generous donors.  The last donor gave through the paypal link on this page (scroll down).  Because of this donation of $550, we were able to build an outhouse in a village that has had numerous cholera outbreaks.

Many of the homes in one portion of the village do not have access to an outhouse.

This outhouse was built so that many households could use these sanitation services.  The recipients decided where it would be located and dug the hole.  We expect that it will serve about 45 people in 6 households.  Thank you for your continued support in our community projects.

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