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Thank you Love-A-Child!

We are always happy to partner with other organizations here in Haiti that are doing good work to bring the love of God to the Haitian people in word and action.

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Love-A-Child is one such organization with which we enjoy teaming up with.  They generously distribute boxes of Feed My Starving Children rice packets to us on a monthly basis and have from several years.  This food is given out to those on our food program and feed to the malnourished children in the rescue center.

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Besides this wonderful help, they give us other items when they have them available.

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This month, we received medications, shoes, hats, and shirts.

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One of the medications was multivitamins for children and prenatal/lactating women from Vitamin Angels.

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We are honored to be able to bless our patients with these quality vitamins that are sure to increase their health and strength.

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Many thanks to all these organizations, but especially Love-A-Child for there generous hearts as they sincerely reach our to “the least of these” here in Haiti.

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We love them and the patients do too!

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