The Rescue Center

When the children are admitted for in-patient care they normally first go to the ICU ward.  Once we know they are going to live and begin improving they graduate to the “Rescue Center”.  These children are past the critical stage in their healing process but are still in need of inpatient care.  Within the RC there is a section that is for babies that have mothers that have died. These babies stay awhile until the family feels like they are able to care for them.  They also return monthly for follow-up appointments once they go home to check their weight and health.

This little cutie fell asleep in her bumbo seat 🙂

Jan 21 2014 a 022

This is grandma visiting her grandson.  Parents/family come to visit as often as they wish.  We ask that someone comes every 2 weeks to visit if possible.

Jan 21 2014 a 023

Jan 21 2014 a 021

These cuties are all  in recovery and are still on the medika mamba program but well into their healing process.

Jan 21 2014 a 020

Jan 21 2014 a 019

Jan 21 2014 a 017

Jan 21 2014 a 016

Jan 21 2014 a 015

Jan 21 2014 a 014

Due to the drastic cut back in children we have been able to have room for many cribs.  Currently we still need to make about 12 cribs so that each child can have one of their own.  Those that do not have a crib sleep on small blue cots at night.

Jan 21 2014 a 013

Jan 21 2014 a 011 Jan 21 2014 a 010


We appreciate each of you that continue to support the Rescue Center and the ICU.  Many children are being fed and clothed each-day and are returning home with their families healed and healthy.  To God be all the Glory!


  1. Janet Pender says

    They are so precious ! Thank you for all that you do and may God richly bless all of you for your service in His name!

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