The roof is going up!

The Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) construction is progressing well.  They have the main walls completed and the plumbing is starting to go in.  This past week, the roof started going up on one of the wards and it is really starting to take shape.  We are so excited to see things coming together.

The next two photos are from the middle of the two wards.  They face each other.  The sidewalks are done and Charles will plant trees and flowers in the open area.

This is the admissions building.  It has the oral rehydration area, observation, reception, ICU/ER, education room, storage, morgue, and trash area.  The roof isn’t going up on this area yet, but should be in the next few weeks.

Plumbing is starting to get installed.

This is the restroom for guests, staff, and caregivers.

In the next several weeks, they will be putting on the final touches, installing sinks/toilets, hanging doors, building counter tops, and finishing the roof.  We are eager to get this facility completed and start caring for our cholera patients here.

Since Nov 9, 2010, we have treated 6459 patients and had only had 19 deaths.  Cholera is still around and causing sickness.  There were 23 patients staying here for treatment today.  We have only had 6 hours in over two years that we have not had any patients.  This service is saving lives and educating families.

The house that we currently use has been given to us to use for over two years.  The owners are needing their house back soon.  In order to keep the construction moving at the current pace, we are needing to raise some funds within the next few weeks.  Please be in prayer with us that God would open doors and touch hearts to complete this project.


  1. kathy says

    Yay for progress. May God raise up what you need to complete it and minister to many. (And of course we’ll all help!)

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