Throw back Thursday

What a joy it is to have a former child from the Rescue Center come back for visits. This is Berline.  She was admitted into the RC in 2010 and stayed with us for 5 months and recovered from kwashiorkor.  She also recently has been coming to our outpatient program and is one of the first children to graduate from this program as well.   We are so proud of her parent that have faithfully followed in the program.

2010  ~ 23 pounds                                                                                  2013    ~    38 pounds

Berline1 (427x640)



  1. Alissa says


  2. Joanne says

    What a beautiful, healthy-looking girl. How kind of God to show you the fruit of your labor once in a while when you are still here on earth. The full reward will be given in heaven. Keep up the good work.

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