Throwback Thurs

Louisemie was admitted to our inpatient program in Dec 2011.  She was very sick during that time and malnourished.  She stayed with us for 11 months and went from 13 pounds to 28 pounds.   She was walking and doing great when she left. (before and current picture below)

Lousmie mom brought back picture to show me (4) (640x427)

Since that time she has not been back to visit.  Her mama came this past week to see us.  She wanted to bring Louismie but she was in a Bible class that they have each Saturday at her church.  Her mama brought a sack with oranges and passion fruit for us as a thank you gift.  She said that she keeps Louismie’s clinic card in her Bible. (see pic below)  Every time she see it it reminds her to pray for RHFH and the staff here.  She also brought a current picture of her for us to see. She wanted us to know that she started school last year and is doing wonderful.  She is forever grateful to God for saving her daughter’s life.  God is good!

Lousmie mom brought back picture to show me (5) (640x427)


  1. tena says

    What a blessing, and confirmation of Gods work there!

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