Ti fanm~Little woman

There were three children admitted today.  Two of those have very severe cases of kwashiorkor. Looking at them I am just not sure that they will live.  Their bodies are in such bad shape.  But I have hope in God that they will made it.  This mama below lives in a village that is about a 4 hour walk from here.  That is 4 hours if “pye ou bon” (your feet are good), your are normal and do not have to carry a child, or are sick yourself and cannot walk fast.  The mama below had to start out yesterday morning to make it here last night before it got dark.    It took her most of the day to travel down the paths of the mountain trail.  She carried her daughter down and also made the trip with her husband and another child. 

 Her daughter, Ti fanm (little woman), is 1 year old and weighs 8 pounds.     The mama herself is not well and very skinny.  I started doing the intake information and asking questions about the child and history of the family.  In the last 7 days she has had 1 plate of food for her and the baby.  That plate of food was late yesterday when someone here in Cazale saw her and bought it for her and the baby.  The baby still tries to breastfeed so she leaves it on the breast most of the time.  It sucks but often does not find any milk.  She has to walk 3 hours to the nearest water source to get water for her family.  She has lost 3 children and has 3 that are living.  She has no bathroom and goes in the weeds.  Her house is made out of clay and rocks there are 10 people living there.   Her leg is injured and she cannot walk normal.  I asked her when the last time she had meat, eggs or milk.  The look in her eyes was something I will not forget soon.  Those things meat, milk and eggs were items she would treasure and be so thankful to have.  Her hungry belly must crave them.  She must want them so badly for her children.  She must wonder why she is suffering so much.  I admitted her daughter to the ICU this afternoon.  I sent her home with money to eat and buy food.  I thought about sending actual food with her, but then she would have had to carry the weight on her head up the mountain paths back home.  I told her to return in 2 weeks.  I wanted her to get her thing in order with the other children and make sure they are in a safe place with other family members that will care for them.  I wanted her to be able to talk to her family and friends and let them know she would be gone for awhile.  I wanted her to feel good and happy about staying with us.  I wanted to have more room.  I always need more room but never seem to have it.  We are getting close to 90 in our care.  Boundaries, boundaries, boundaires  people tell me to set them, I want to have them, but……well it is just not that easy when this mama and her baby are starving to death.  Well tonight as I sit her and cry I wish I would have kept her here…figured out something….moved people around, asked staff members to keep her for me. 

Sometimes I do not know what choices are the best to make.  I lay my head on my desk and pray for God to help us.  I crank up my music (and repeat the same song over and over 😉 ) until it gets deep inside of my soul and I make the decision once again to give it all to Him and believe that He is the everlasting God.

I often sit and talk with my nannies about the kids and the days events.  I tell them that we are out of room.  We have no more beds.  They tell me to set up cots and tell me there is always room.  They always look at me and say Bondye Kapab (God is able).   They look at me and tell me that God will not forget us and Cazale. We close our eyes together with the kids and think and imagine the big house that God is going to give us one day.  Bondye Kapab. 

Only Lori and Allison can tell you how many times this song was played today in the office.  So thankful they love me 🙂 Please join us in prayer this evening for Tifanm and her family. Praying for room for her mama in 2 weeks and that Tifanm will heal and grow.

Your Great Name Lyrics
Performed by Natalie Grant 

Lost are saved; find their way; at the sound of Your Great Name
All condemned; feel no shame; at the sound of Your Great Name
Every fear; has no place; at the sound of Your Great Name
The enemy; he has to leave; at the sound of Your Great Name

Jesus, worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us
Son of God and man you are high and lifted up; that all the world will praise Your Great Name

Verse 2
All the weak; find their strength; at the sound of Your Great Name
Hungry souls; receive grace; at the sound of Your Great Name
The fatherless; they find their rest; at the sound of Your Great Name
Sick are healed, and the dead are raised. At the sound of Your Great Name

Jesus, worthy is the Lamb; that was slain for us
Son of God and man; you are high and lifted up
that all the world will praise Your Great Name.
Your Great Name.

Redeemer, my Healer; Lord Almighty
My Savior; Defender; you are my King
Redeemer; my Healer; Lord Almighty
My Savior; Defender; you are my King

Jesus, the Name of Jesus, you are high and lifted up; that all the world will praise your Great Name. 
Savior, Son of God and man; you are high and lifted up; all the world will praise Your Great Name. Your Great Name. Your Great Name.


  1. S says


    Is there any thing available like the buy a heifer program or some other useful animal for this woman and her family? I would like to sponsor a weekly food box for her but is that reasonable for such a distance and would she be safe transporting it?

  2. J says

    Indeed…Redeemer and Healer. I love you guys. Forever.

  3. Jennie says

    God bless you. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  4. Judy says

    That song ministered deeply to me one time when all three of my kids were sick with pneumonia and we were on vacation away from home and I felt so desperate and alone. Yet my situation doesn’t even compare to dear Tifanms. I can hear the desperation in your words and it makes me cry out to God. I wish I could do more…but I’m praying.

  5. cheryl in Maine says

    I am praying for Ti fanm and her mama. Praying that she will have the strength to make it back home and then back to your mission. Praying for her other children, and wondering if they are starving, too. Wondering how anyone can survive, living three hours walk from a source of water, no sanitation, etc. Praying for God to help all the people of Haiti living in poverty and hunger. And praying for you and all who work there, taking care of all these people. God bless you!

  6. kathy says

    Praying the momma has the strength to make it home and then back again. And that she will take the time to come back. I need to stop whining because I don’t have a fridge and everything has been packed in coolers (that keep getting warm) for two weeks.

  7. Tena McGaughey says

    Oh Licia, this just ripsaw heart out, and I ache for y’all and pour over in prayer for the decisions you have to make minute by minute. I am going to share this at bible study tonight for prayer!

  8. Deb Dumont Eklund says

    You encourage me when I say to God, oh Lord this need is too big. Your faith is a testimony. He always comes through, He has all the details worked out a head of time, we just have to step out in faith and be available to make the connections. God bless you, and know you are not alone. Praying for each other.

  9. sarah says

    Love you friend.
    Tears and prayers.

  10. S says

    We would also like to provide something for this family if possible.

  11. Merryn Williams says

    I have just sent via paypal $100 aud for Ti Fanm and her Mama.
    Katie McGregor has sent through the funds yesterday. I’d like this family to be on a foo box program, if anyone esle wants to help as well with any other medical supplies or anything that this family needs, then fantastic, the more the merrier. Merryn Williams. x

  12. S says

    I added some to Merryn’s funds for Ti fanm and family. I hope this will help and give her some comfort when she returns. I am praying Ti fanm will gain health in your care RHFH and strength continues to flow into your hands and hearts.

  13. Merryn Williams says

    Oh thankyou S.
    Yes I pray her Mama makes the return back safely and is happy when she hears the news of our donation to help. I pray little Ti fanm will make a full recovery. x

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