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Update on Community Groups Work to Curb Erosion

The community group took on this mountainside as a project.  This area is called Fon Rigol and it is about 3/4 mile behind where were live.  When they made the new road, they added a lot of fill in this area and broke down one part of the side of the mountain so the road could pass here.  It is took a lot of work by CNE (govt road crew) and we wanted to make sure that their great work remained for years for years to come.  We planted vetiver and flamboyant trees last fall and I just wanted to share an update with you.


Here are photos from last fall.


Here are current photos of the same area.

The vetiver is growing tall!

And so are the trees.

Reforestation and erosion control will help farmers grow more food and increase their income.  Donations to the community group are accepted through Real Hope For Haiti.  $1=2 trees from seed to planting.  Have some fun and help us plant some trees in Haiti.


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