Update on Medika Mamba

This month we are working on raising funds for medika mamba for RHFH.  You can see our first post here (with details on how to donate).  You can use the button on the right hand side of the webpage under “Donate for medika mamba” as well.  We will be doing weekly update to let you know the progress being made.


Each night these empty bowls are collected from the RC and ICU.  They are then ready to be filled with the children’s mamba for the next day.  Each child has a specific amount of tablespoons of mamba that they need to eat each day for them to recover and begin gaining weight.  Volunteers give of their time each evening to fill these bowls for the kids. What a blessed job this is!

Jan 3 2014 a 001

The mamba comes in these little bags and is then transferred to the bowls.  We use the bowls to stay organized and to make sure that each child is getting the right amount each day.  Each child’s name is written on the tops of the bowls.  Each morning the staff will come and pick up the kids bowls for the day.  Each child will eat their mamba throughout the day.  We try to get the full amount eaten during the days shifts time (6am-6pm).  The older kids are able to feed themselves.  The younger ones get fed by their nannies or volunteers.  Those that are very sick and unable to eat will get their mamba through an NG tube.

Jan 3 2014 a 002

This is Belony-he has been on the medika mamba program for 4 weeks.  He has went from 30 pounds to 34 pounds in this short amount of time. 

BelonyJan 9 2014 a 128

He is full of life now and is a joy to have in the center. 

Jan 9 2014 a 129


These are the current figures:

Total estimated cost for 2014———————–$40,632

already pledged/donated for 2014—————–$22,943

Total still needed to meet goal———–$17,689

questions ?(licia@realhopeforhaiti.org)


  1. Wendi says

    Tried to use Paypal twice but wouldn’t accept the pmt. Just wanted to let you know….check is on the way. It’s a blessing to be a part of what Medika Mamba represents, Haitian product successfully feeding/healing Haitians. Thank you for continuing to post on Facebook, it allows others to see daily what you work with. Blessed are the hands and feet!

  2. Licia says

    Thanks! Not sure why you were having a problem with paypal. Sorry about that. Thanks for taking the time to send a donation in, we really appreciate it and appreciate your faithfulness!

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