Update on Renia

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I have been putting this post off because it is a hard one to write.  The result from Renia biopsy took almost a month to come back.  We all celebrated with Renia and her mama during that month while she was with us here at RHFH.  Renia’s mom was finally able to travel back home to visit her 2 other kids, both boys, and see them and her family.  We were all hopeful that Renia would continue to heal and be able to return back home after her appointment on Oct 22.  About 1 week before her final appointment with her doctor her mass began to come back and grow.

At her appointment with her doctor she finally received the results of her biopsy and we found out that she has cancer.  After more test and C-scan it was determined that the cancer is in several of her organs.  The original hospital that treated her saw her on the weekend and transferred her to the only hospital we know of in Haiti that is currently treating children for cancer.

It has been an extremely difficult time for her mama and the staff here at RHFH.  Staying in a hospital with your child here in Haiti is not easy.  Understanding the treatment and trying to decide if it is worth the try to save her life is a very difficult thing to deal with.  She is currently receiving care and has been in the new hospital for about 12 days now.  We have no idea if the treatment will work, but Renia’s mom believes that Jesus can heal her daughter and is holding onto that hope. Will you please, please pray for this sweet little girl and believe with us for her healing.


  1. Jessica says

    Praying praying praying!!!

  2. Tena says

    This is so heart breaking for this precious child and her mama! I’m praying for her and her family for strength and courage through this time and that God will heal her in whatever time and way that He knows best”

  3. cheryl in Maine says

    Praying and believing with you for her healing!

  4. Rob says

    Oh, I hate to hear this! I was so hopeful that she would recover with little or no problems. Praying that God will intervene and she would be healed from this horrible cancer. Please keep us updated.

  5. Traci says

    Prayers for sweet Renia and her mom-strength and healing…

  6. bernadette says

    HIs will be done on earth as it is in heaven…..praying!

  7. kathy says

    Poor sweet baby.

  8. Casey Roman says

    Can we send money toward her care? My niece had cancer at her age and had a bone marrow transplant and we were so blessed to have her survive.

  9. Tanya says

    praying right now.

  10. Janet says

    Saying extra prayers for her and her family..

  11. Kelly DeBardelaben says

    Praying for Miss Renia and her Momma.

    Also thought that St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee might be able to help with her care.

    Here is the link to their website about referring a patient to them 🙂


    If I can help with any thing concerning St Jude please let me know

    Kelly DeBardelaben < 🙂

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