update on Renia

We first posted about Renia here and gave an update on her here and here.  There is a lot more to their story.  Renia’s mom has been searching for help for her daughter for over 4 months.  She left her village and her other 2 children with her sister.  She has not seen them since she left almost 4 months ago.  She was able to travel back home this past week to see everyone and spend a week caughting up.  She called me 4 times in 6 days to check up on me and see how everyone was doing at RHFH.  Renia stayed with us and did great.  She is healing and gaining weight.  She is finally a happy little girl.  We are hopeful to get some test result on the 22nd of this month to know more about what the mass actually was.  If everything goes well she will be able to return home with her family at the end of October.  We are thankful for these victories and cherish them. 

Renia and her mama 🙂


To God be all the Glory!


  1. kathy says

    She looks so much happier.

  2. bekki says


  3. Janet P says

    Love her smile!

  4. cheryl in Maine says

    Beautiful mother and daughter! I am glad she is recovering so well.

  5. Larry Secor says

    Praise the Lord!

  6. Sandy says

    So happy for Renia and her mama!

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