Update on Wensky

You can read the first post about Wensky here.  He has come a long way since February.  When he first arrived he was a very sick boy.  Not only was he sick physically but was also going through a lot of emotional and mental issues due to losing his parents and dealing with being HIV positive.   He has had some other medical complications along the way but in the past few months has really made a turn around and is healing.

This past week was the first time we all felt like he was well enough to attend church with the other kids.  He was very excited to go and enjoyed his time there.  He talks now of attending school next year and playing soccer with the other boys here.  We thank each of you that have prayed for him over the past few months.  He appreciates it and is excited to know that so many people care about him.  To God be the Glory!


  1. Cathy says

    Are you able to share what Wensky’s future holds? Where will he be able to live as I know his parents are both deceased?


  2. Licia says

    He will be staying with us for several more months. We are looking into finding him a permeant place to stay here in Haiti. We have a few options but are taking things slow right now. We are also hopeful that his extended family might come and want to care for him, although no one has come yet. We have a idea of where they live in Haiti and will try to find them and let them make the decision as to his future along with Wensky. He sure has come a long way. To God be all the Glory!

  3. Katrina says

    Hi Wensky, I hope the mail arrived from Australia and there’s some more on it’s way just sending my love to you and keep up the great work. Wonderful to hear your attending Mass, YaY Wensky xox

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