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Urgent need for patient in the ICU


Neima was admitted this month for severe malnutrition to our inpatient care facility.  Shortly after arrival, he developed a life threatening condition in his hand and arm.  The condition was so serious that amputation was needed.  We made arrangements to send him into a hospital that often receives referrals from us for surgery.  Normally, you sent the patient and they give you a price for surgery, OR, bed and other needed medications.  Once the funds are in-hand and the hospital can be paid then a surgery date is scheduled.  Due to the serious nature of his condition, we did not want the weekend to pass without surgery and prayed for God to make a way.  Our staff member that takes patients to hospitals works well to advocate for them.  It took several hours, but he got the approval needed to get the surgery done before we had the funds.  Thank you Jesus!  Then, we learned that the doctor that could perform the surgery was on vacation and there was no one else on Friday afternoon that could be called in to do the surgery.  By the Grace of God, someone there let him call the doctor and plead his case to see if he would come in from vacation.  He agreed and was there within an hour.  The surgery was complete by 5pm.  I get goosebumps thinking about what a miracle it was to get this all done in one day with all the issues with the health care system here right now in Haiti.  Many hospitals are still on strike which is overloading those hospital that are still open.

Neima a (1) (800x533)

Neima is recovering in the hospital now.  We need to raise the funds for his surgery so that we can pay the hospital.  Here is a breakdown of the costs.

surgery/OR/Doctor fees —$1300

daily bed/room cost———-$120



Total cost for Neima——–$1930

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