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This is a little story told by a mama here in Haiti.

My name is Marie. I live in a village above the valley of Cazale.  I have 4 living girls and 1 boy that is living.  I lost another son when he was 2 years old and he had fever.  We did not have time to get to the doctor before he died.  That made us all sad.  This month is a busy month for many farmers in our area.  We work every day from sun up to sun down getting the fields ready to plant for the upcoming rainy season. We plant beans and corn in our gardens.   A good crop will provide for our family for months.  We live is a small home made of brush and stick.

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It was on a Friday, we got up early and got all the girls ready for school.  Jeanson is the youngest and we have another one on the way.  My husband and I love all our kids but he is the only boy.  He is to young to go to school so he goes with us when we work.  He sits under a shade tree and plays during the day.  Jeanson has not been feeling well and was coughing a lot.  I went to check on him after we had been working a few hours.  He was very hot with fever and was having a hard time breathing.

Jeanson stayed in benita room resp inf on oxygen for 1 wk (5)

Many memories came back in my mind of my first son that died.  I told my husband something was wrong.  When he saw him he picked him up and said we had to go now to find help.  We live on top of a big mountain there are no hospital, clinics or doctors in our area.  We were in our work clothes and needed to go home and change.  My husband said there was no time.  I was very scared.  We began walking and telling neighbors on the way down to take care of the girls for us.  It took us about 6 hours to arrive at the clinic.  We knew it was not a normal clinic day for consultations, but had hope that someone would help.  We knocked on the gate and told them about Jeanson. The staff took us inside, we were embarrassed by our clothes but that was okay with everyone they welcomed us.  They put a machine (pulse OX) on his finger.  I did not know what it was, but could tells by the staffs faces that it was bad news (his O2 stats were in the high 70’s).  They told me he was very sick and needed treatments and needed to be put on oxygen right away.  They began giving medications.  We were still scared.  My husband stayed until later that afternoon.  He had to return home to be with the girls.  The staff said that I could stay with my son. I was happy.

Jeanson stayed in benita room resp inf on oxygen for 1 wk (3)

They gave me a room to stay in.  Jeason was on oxygen for 2 1/2 weeks and was very sick.  No one was discouraged.  So I tried not to be.  Many days they tried to see if he could come off the oxygen but he could not.  Everyone had patience and faith in God.  They prayed for him and me.  The last time they tried to take him off of the oxygen he did well.  He was better.  I was very, very happy.  My husband came and visited when he could.  We are very thankful that he is healed. We are thankful that he survived this time.  I am happy to return home to my girls.

Jeanson stayed in benita room resp inf on oxygen for 1 wk (1)



  1. Vera says

    Praise God for the work that you do saving lives!

  2. Wendi says

    So important to hear how a mom loves and worries the same in another culture. Those working for her son showed her the faith she didn’t have…she has seen your faith in Jesus and it gave her comfort.

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