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Villager’s View

Chrismene and her husband were excited that she was pregnant for a second time.   She began following in the clinic each month.  The nurse that was seeing her asked her to get a sonogram because she saw that her stomach was getting very big.  She got a sonogram and heard the great news that she was having twins!  She and her husband were very excited.  They faithfully followed in the clinic each month for check-ups.

We sent her to a local hospital because she had a previous C-section and was carrying twins. The doctor talked about the possibility of having a C-section if needed, but he would try to deliver them naturally.  Her husband talked with the hospital and got the prices of everything that would be needed in case a C-section was needed.  He came to see us a few months before she was due to let us know of her situation.  He told us he was working to save the needed funds, but if she ended up having a C-section that he might need some help with these fees.  He covered all tests, medications, and transportation.  She went into false labor a few times and was treated for a urinary tract infection and was feeling better.

She waited and rested at a friend’s home near the hospital awaiting the arrival of her twins.  When labor started again, she went to the hospital.  The doctor was with her during the labor process. There were some complications and a C-section was needed.  Her husband called us and we sent an employee to meet him with the funds needed for the procedure.  Her husband was sent to buy the needed supplies.  Here in Haiti most hospitals do not have supplies, so the family has to go and purchase each item needed.  While he waited for to meet up with our employee, he went to go buy supplies like medications, gloves, needles, IV supplies, sutures, sheets, thermometer, etc.  Just about everything you can think of that might be needed, he had to buy.

The C-section was done and everything went well.  The babies were delivered and his wife was doing well.

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(pictured above papa, aunt holding one twin, mama, another aunt holding the other twin)

We shared her story on our FB page to ask you to pray for her.  The fees for the surgery were covered by a donation from a generous supporter.  The hospital released her after 2 days.  She went home with her happy family.

But….after a few days, she began having lots of pain at her incision site.  She returned to the hospital and they told her that she had an infection and it was her fault.  They did not want to help her and sent her home.  After a few more days, the infection got so bad the incision began to open up.  She returned to the hospital.  The nurses and one doctor were mad at her and did not want to take care of her.  A visiting doctor who was walking by heard her talking and ask her to come in so he could look at her.  After investigating, it was found that a foreign object was sew up inside her after her C-section (no one would tell us what it was).  It was removed, the wound left partially open to drain, and she was put on medications for infection.  The doctor that took care of her was just visiting for a day.  He told the staff to keep her there and do daily dressing changes for her.  He left that evening.

The next day, another doctor came and decided that it was best to sew her up again.  They did this despite protest from her family.  After stitching her up, they sent her home.

Her husband came and let us know what was going on.  We were shocked that she had been through so much.  The site opened back up again.  She was unable to walk.  They were a few hours away from the clinic.  Her husband did not want to go back to the hospital and did not want to transport her anywhere else.  He asked if we could fill her prescription for medications and give him materials to do the daily dressing changes himself.  We encouraged him to take her to a place closer to his home or bring her here.  He had lost hope of someone to help him near where they were staying and he thought traveling here would be too hard on her.  He did the dressing changes himself until she was able to travel to RHFH.

The picture above is the first day we saw her after the birth of her twins.  Her main goal in coming to visit us was not for herself, but to thank the staff and let them know that she and her family pray for us each day.  She said when people have Jesus in their heart they treat people in a good way. We were able to share with her and her family that many of you had prayed for her and her babies.  She said she did not know everyone’s name, but that she will pray that God will bless each person that has and continues to pray for her family.

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Thank you to each of you that help with special medical needs here at RHFH!


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