Volunteer Thoughts From Jody

corey team jan 2015

Disclaimer: I am the volunteer coordinator. These are my feelings and thoughts and not those of RHFH individually or corporately.

Many people question the value of traveling to volunteer in places like Haiti. These are valid discussions about the best use of resources. Such as, is it better to send money to a poor country or go and give of your time. An article in Relevant magazine asks these questions:

“Are we making a greater difference doing the visiting ourselves or by writing a cheque for someone who’s already there? Is the life change that happens only for those of us who travel and, if so, is that reason enough to invest in a volunteer vacation? What about if we’re better advocates when we return than when we left?…Does that make it truly worthwhile? What is it about being involved in the action ourselves that’s so attractive or is it about more than being attractive?”  (You can read more at http://www.relevantmagazine.com/reject-apathy/poverty/features/4012-voluntourwhat#HmEzUjUlzd6LTIo3.99)

As the volunteer coordinator, I see the value in our volunteers. I also get to see the way God will work in the hearts of volunteers as they see a different way of life.  So obviously, I love having volunteers come to RHFH.Danielle donations

Here are things that I like about volunteers and what they can do for RHFH:

  1. You bring freshness to our lives.
  2. You bring much needed supplies and project materials.
  3. Some of you do projects or VBS, but all bring of you bring the love of Jesus.
  4. You have hands to hold sick kids or to play with older kids.
  5. You receive first-hand knowledge of RHFH and can appreciation the work here.
  6. You learn how your prayers and resources help.

“By volunteering directly with an organization you may get the chance to work with the individuals you are helping. You’ll touch lives as you help those in need, and they will truly appreciate the time you spend with them as your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Working with people can be an especially rewarding opportunity, as you’ll be able to see the impact your service has.”  Jeremy Vohwinkle, genxfinance.com

Baker team 2015I so agree with this statement from a HaitiHub.com blog: “I 1000% believe that anyone who travels to a developing nation will be better for it, and that, in and of itself, improves the world’s populous.” Haitihub.wordpress.com  – “At Home or Overseas: Where does my time matter?” September 24, 2015

If God is leading you to volunteer, please listen to Him whom we serve, prepare ahead of time and come to join God’s work at RHFH. 

We thank all of you who come to volunteer. If you would be interested in bringing a team to RHFH or to come yourself, please write to me at volunteer@realhopeforhaiti.org. God bless you all!


  1. Bekki says

    Jody, I couldn’t agree with you more! I have often wondered it it wouldn’t help more to send money rather than pay for airfare, but I have learned to love Lori and Licia and the rest of the mission on the ground! I’ve been there several times and I have learned of God and His ways, and learned about myself. I have finally understood what ‘selfless love’ is about when I worked side by side with RHFH. I am blessed to be able to return soon! Bondye Bon!

  2. Amy Shepard says

    Agree completely, going down to see you all in Haiti was by far the best trip I have taken. Such a life changing experience and I’d hope I made an impact on Haiti as well. Hope all is well down there!

  3. Tammy says

    It’s such an interesting debate. On one hand, the price of my trip could give someone in Haiti a job for a year, and on the other hand being there has given me a much better appreciation for the work, the resources available, the Haitian culture, and credibility with people at home when I fundraise and share with others. For me, as long as I continue to donate funds as usual and take the money for the trip comes out of my “fun” money — I can go without guilt.

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